HypMic ARB 1st Anniversary Merchandise Lottery

HypMic ARB’s 1st Anniversary Event includes a merchandise present giveaway! Unfortunately, to win the physical merchandise, you need a Japanese address. You can use whatever proxy service you like if you don’t live in Japan. If you need one, I recommend Tenso, which will give you an address you can use.

Grand Prize (10 winners): HypMic -A.R.B- 1st ANNIVERSARY limited acrylic POP stand

First Prize (600 total winners): HypMic -A.R.B.- 1st ANNIVERSARY limited Divisional Ball-point Pens (100 winners per division)

Runner-up Prize (1000 winners): G Collect ticket x 1

How to Apply

The entry period is from 2021/3/17~3/31 10:59 JST. Even if you have the lottery tickets from the event, you have to fill out the form in order to actually win prizes.

From your home screen, select the black 1st Anniversary icon on the right hand side of the screen.

You’ll want to scroll all the way to the bottom of this screen, then click on the Present Campaign banner.

On the pop up, you’ll want to scroll all the way down and click the pink エントリー button to open the entry form. This also shows you how many lottery tickets you have (max 10).

This form will open in your browser. Scroll to the bottom, click the radio button to accept the terms, and hit Next.

The next page will load, with your IDs pre-filled out (I erased mine for privacy, ignore the red box). What you need to worry about is the メールアドレス field (the bottom box here). This is where you put in your email address.

Scroll down further and you get the option of choosing which item to enter for. While you have a better chance of winning the pens, the stands are cooler (in my opinion). Once you select an option, click next.

And that’s it! If you win, you’ll get an email with further instructions on getting your prize. If you’re a lucky winner and need help with anything else, let me know and I can help you out!

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