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The last time I saw my doctor in October, I explained to him that the depression had gotten better, but was still not perfect. I also told him that I was sleeping deeper on what he gave me, however it didn’t seem to be helping my energy levels during the day. This got him thinking, and he decided to go ahead and order blood tests – primarily to check my metabolic system, my thyroid, and my iron levels (I’ve been diagnosed with anemia in the past, so it’s possible it came back).

I’ve known from a young age that my mother suffers from hypothyroidism, but I never really thought about whether or not I had a chance of developing it. The fact that the doctor wanted to check my thyroid got me wondering, and so I started to investigate the myriad of symptoms that an under-active thyroid can cause.

Boy was I in for a surprise. Little things I’ve noticed over the last few years – My hair turning dry and brittle and easily falling out, my nails developing ridges and becoming brittle, the decline in energy, my skin drying out, depression, gaining weight… just to name a few – are included among common symptoms of hypothyroidism! I hadn’t thought all of this was related – I blamed my skin and hair issues on the water quality in my apartments – but looking at the whole picture, I think we may be on to something here.

My doc requested that I get my blood tests done about a week and a half before my next appointment, the 23rd of this month. I had my blood drawn on Saturday morning, and by this point, I just want to know my results already. I have a strong suspicion that they will indeed show I have hypothyroidism, but I want to know for sure.

If so, then maybe we can start to get me feeling more like a normal person, and not someone who never has energy and wants to sleep all the time….