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Busy weekend!

I had intended to update daily, but this past weekend was busier than I had thought it would be. On Saturday, my work had a (very disorganized) bowling holiday party, which I left early to go see this!


I was glad I did, because I really enjoyed the movie. When it was over, we went to Red Robin with my parents (since my dad wanted to be somewhere he could watch hockey!)

On Sunday, I had to work six hours, ate, then went home to do some chores and start studying for my upcoming COMPASS test. After killing my brain, I decided that I would NOT be ready to take it on Monday, unfortunately.

Last night, after working late, I tried to look for a Christmas gift (without success) and then went home to study some more as I watched the Blues game. They ended up losing in OT, and I ended up with a headache after looking at algebra problems all night! By the end of the night I determined that my level was good enough, and so today after work I’m going to take the test. I’m nervous about the math section, but I think I’ll do fine, and will probably only have to take some sort of trigonometry class before diving in to the college level math.

I also hope to know what my class schedule will look like by the end of the day. After the test is over I’ll make my way to talk to some advisers who will hopefully point me in the right direction. This is all a bit scary but I know I can do it!