VK sales

I’m selling some of my VK collection! All prices in USD. Will ship within 3 days of payment. PayPal only! Use goods and services to protect us both, unless I know you well. Please keep in mind the US postal service prices suck. Smoke free home. Any questions please DM me on Twitter @AUTOMATIONxAIR

Note – CDs don’t come with trading cards unless specified.

Kaya – Queen (full album, autographed) – CD+DVD – $35

Autographed booklet and photo card included

ALSDEAD – Violet of Reason (autographed) – $15
Autographed under CD tray

ALSDEAD – S.a.g.A (autographed) – $15
Autographed under CD tray

ROYZ – α (A-type, B-type) – $10 ea| Revolution to New AGE (B-type, C-type) – $15 ea

Royz – Starry HEAVEN (B-type, C-type) – $10 ea | INNOCENCE (A-type, B-type, C-type) – $10 ea

Royz – NOAH (b-type, c-type) – $10 ea

Phantasmagoria photo set A – $10
Phantasmagoria photo set B – $10
Penicillin photo set – $5
Lycaon photo set – $5
Para:Noir photo set – $5
摩天楼オペラ photo set A – $10
摩天楼オペラ photo set B – $10
Kaya photo card – $3

Rui (SCREW) cheki – $3 ea
Misc UNDER CODE PRODUCTION cheki – $3 ea
Kiryu – Mitsuki cheki – $7 ea
Kiryu – Mitsuki cheki $5 ea
Kiryu – Junji, Royz – Koudai/Subaru cheki – $5 ea



Now that I finally updated the songs on my iPhone after my iPod gave out on me, I’ve found myself listening to ACTWEED quite a lot. There’s something about their sound that is soft and soothing, and Reyji’s voice is very easy to listen to. They have the feel of many early 90s VK bands, specifically Janne da arc.  It’s really refreshing to hear an active band that doesn’t have the same dark growly sound or poppy happy sound of many of the generic VK bands these days. I was beginning to lose faith in VK, but these guys are hope for the future I think!

I definitely recommend you give them a try if you can!