A stroke of luck

Sunday night, the community college I’ll be attending this semester purged everyone who had registered for classes but had yet to pay.

This was one of the days I had been waiting for. Since talking to an advisor, I was told to take Analytic Geometry and Calculus I, as well as College Composition II (I took I back in 2003). Unfortunately for me, all three of the math classes were full by that point, so I was told to contact the math chair to see if they would override the system to let me take the class. At the same time, the honors courses were recommended to me, so I also sent an email to the person in charge of the honors program to see about taking Honors College Composition. I received immediate replies from both – out of office replies, stating they would return January 6th.

For more than two weeks I waited, anxious about whether or not I’d be able to take the classes I need. I almost forgot about the purge, but between snooze alarms on Monday morning, I grabbed my phone with the sudden thought of checking the math classes. Only one slot had opened up… and it was in the evening class I had hoped for!

I jumped out of bed and registered for it, adding a regular College Composition II course as a placeholder (and just to be sure I have a class if for some reason I’m not accepted to take the honors course). It can be changed easily enough. I was actually hoping to have heard back by now, but due to the previously mentioned snow storm, the college was closed both yesterday and today, so I’m still stuck waiting on that front. Classes start on Monday, so there isn’t a lot of time… I just hope everything works out!

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