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Once school started, my blogging came to an abrupt halt.. I’m sorry about that!

It’s almost February, my birth month. This year will be the last time I turn a number that starts with a 2. I can’t believe that much time has passed already. I still feel like a kid!

But as people ask what I want for my birthday, it’s hard to respond. Sure, material things are nice, but really, honestly, the thing I want most for my birthday would be one less bill to worry about. Specifically, the lingering medical bills from my emergency gall bladder removal last year.

I’m one of the lucky ones who had health insurance, but even still, my bills total about $2600. I struggle to keep up with my everyday bills, yet alone have the money to pay this off. I’m back in school, too, so there goes even more of my available resources.  I hate to be one of “those people”, and I could start a lengthy debate about the state of health care in this country, but I thought I might see if I could have any luck getting help with this from the internet. I’m going to stick up a donate button… you don’t have to give me a penny, of course, and I don’t blame you if you don’t. But if you’ve been lucky enough to have a little bit of expendable income, and want to help out someone who really is struggling but still trying to make a better future for themselves, please see if you can find it in your heart to donate. Even $1 will help.

Donate Button

I’ll keep updating on how close to my goal I’ve gotten, if anything happens.

Hopefully, my birthday wish can come true this year.

Day Off


Took the day off work today. It’s nice to actually get a chance to relax and have a three day weekend without having to make up the time later or work OT. The last half of 2013 was insane work-wise, so I’m welcoming this bit of a slow down. Unfortunately, my shipment of textbooks for school arrived earlier than I had anticipated, so what would have been a good plan of having it sent to work turned out to be a bit inconvenient.

I made my way to the office to pick them up before meeting my mom and brother for some lunch. It was nice to have some time to relax and talk with them, as my mom works nights and my brother lives a bit farther away, so we don’t see each other quite as often. After lunch we left my brother and grabbed some Starbucks, then came back to my place to relax until dad got off work. I’ve had a headache most of the day so I haven’t gotten a whole lot accomplished, but sometimes you just need a little down time.

When I did crack open my textbooks, I got a little intimidated by the Calculus book. Just peeking at some of the pages makes my head spin. I’m really hoping it won’t take me too long to adjust to doing math again. I just have to keep focused and try to do my best.



After another snowy morning and a long day of work, I spent the evening doing a bit of shopping to get ready for school, and decided to take Friday off since things have finally slowed down. I found a new backpack, and though it’s bigger and cost more than I would have liked, I liked the color too much not to buy it.

School is getting close!



My new cover and keyboard cover for my MacBook Pro arrived today! I really like how it looks. I also ordered a cute Pikachu decal for it, so before long, my MacBook will be 100% me~!

Purple is my feel good color. My apartment is mainly purple-themed, and most of my favorite clothes are purple.

But I like my men in red~

A stroke of luck

Sunday night, the community college I’ll be attending this semester purged everyone who had registered for classes but had yet to pay.

This was one of the days I had been waiting for. Since talking to an advisor, I was told to take Analytic Geometry and Calculus I, as well as College Composition II (I took I back in 2003). Unfortunately for me, all three of the math classes were full by that point, so I was told to contact the math chair to see if they would override the system to let me take the class. At the same time, the honors courses were recommended to me, so I also sent an email to the person in charge of the honors program to see about taking Honors College Composition. I received immediate replies from both – out of office replies, stating they would return January 6th.

For more than two weeks I waited, anxious about whether or not I’d be able to take the classes I need. I almost forgot about the purge, but between snooze alarms on Monday morning, I grabbed my phone with the sudden thought of checking the math classes. Only one slot had opened up… and it was in the evening class I had hoped for!

I jumped out of bed and registered for it, adding a regular College Composition II course as a placeholder (and just to be sure I have a class if for some reason I’m not accepted to take the honors course). It can be changed easily enough. I was actually hoping to have heard back by now, but due to the previously mentioned snow storm, the college was closed both yesterday and today, so I’m still stuck waiting on that front. Classes start on Monday, so there isn’t a lot of time… I just hope everything works out!


As promised, here are photos from Sunday’s snowstorm! Luckily for us, we didn’t have to work that day, and we planned ahead to stay in, so it was mostly a day of watching the snow fall with warm cats on my lap. My parents did come over to watch the new Sherlock with us, but that was the extent of excitement for that day.




I went to work alone yesterday, as Lisa was sick, and that was an adventure in itself. Brushing the snow off of my car didn’t take too long, since the wind had done most of the work for me, but it took me about 10 tries of backing in and out before I was fully out of my parking spot. Even then, I was facing uphill, rather than facing downhill (towards the main road). I couldn’t get going up the hill, so I backed down to the main street. Fortunately, it was early enough and snowy enough that there wasn’t a lot of traffic around. Whew!

All of the roads were dicey, though. It was so cold (-11F at that point) that the salt trucks had no effect, and so a packed layer of slick snow and ice coated 98% of the roads, making getting around tough. My workplace was one of the few open, so I had to brave it, despite the fact that half of our employees ended up stuck at home anyway. I was the first person in the office, which was only 58F when I arrived, so naturally I was in a grumpy mood most of the day! But, I survived and made it home safely, so that’s what really matters. I did get stuck twice in the evening when I went out for dinner, but the first time our awesome neighbors shoveled me out of my spot, and the second time my dad pushed me back out into the street, so all was well.

This morning, the roads weren’t much better, but by this afternoon, temperatures had warmed up enough for the salt to start to work, so I saw a lot more pavement on the route home than I’d seen in days! Hopefully, by tomorrow, the roads will be mostly clear. I’ve had enough of this white stuff!

Too bad it’s only the beginning of January….

Dead tired


This is about how I feel after a day full of subzero temperatures, snow packed roads, and a cold that won’t go away.

I promise to do a proper update tomorrow when I’m less tired. Stay warm everyone!


I’ll post more photos from today’s snowstorm later, but for now I leave you with some video I took.

Random Acts of Kindness

I was feeling pretty awful today, so I didn’t make it in to work for my overtime, but I at least made it out and about to take care of some errands and get a few groceries in preparation for tomorrow’s big snow storm. The traffic and amount of people in the stores was insane, but I guess everyone had to get their bread and milk, hah. While we were out and about, Lisa and I ended up pre-ordering the limited edition Bravely Default from Gamestop. I also downloaded the demo, so I’ll write about that after I play it some more!

After we came home, I delivered a little present we bought for some neighbors. Their back sliding door faces our parking spaces, and more often than not, one or both of their gorgeous Maine Coons are watching us when we come and go. Being cat lovers, I thought it would be a kind gesture to get their cats a little gift, and so I picked up a mixture of cat toys for them. I hope they liked it!


Speaking of cats, my dad has been really wanting a Maine Coon of his own, and today he and my mom went to see a cat they found online. They really liked him and put in an application to adopt him, but apparently one other family is also interested, so they’re not sure if they’ll get him or not. According to photos, he’s a huge cat, but really beautiful!

At any rate, I’m a bit grateful that the snow is coming on the weekend, and I look forward to resting. Hopefully this cold will go away before I have to go to work Monday (and I hope I can brave the possible -35F windchills we’re expecting). Expect snow photos tomorrow!

Bitter cold

When I went to work this morning, my phone told me it was -1F outside. The air hurt to breathe, and the car couldn’t warm up fast enough.

Unfortunately, worse is on the way. Saturday night into Sunday, we’re expected to get 8-10″ or more of snow, and with that will come bitter cold temperatures. The latest forecast shows a low of -10F on Sunday night and highs in the single digits for Monday. Apparently it’s been 20 or so years since the region got this cold.

Also, when I came home, our apartment was just over 60 degrees. Apparently our AC had somehow kicked on, and maintenance noticed the sound and fixed it while we were gone. I just wonder how cold it got before they noticed. We have two cats who seem to be doing fine, but how cold did it get for them? Poor babies…

And, of course, on top of that, I’ve caught a head cold. I was going to work some OT tomorrow before the storm hit, but if I still feel this way in the morning, I think sleep would be the better option.

Thank you, winter.